In the great rivalry that opposes the different Minecraft shaders,each one ostensibly asserts its qualities: exceptional graphic quality or, on the contrary, accessibility to small configs … Far from these considerations, BSL Shaders have a completely different argument to make: their perfection. Designed by CaptTatsu, they are already in their sixth version, each having served as an experiment for their author, in order to achieve balanced shaders.

A purely technical note, first of all: BSL Shaders are, a priori, compatible with all brands of graphics cards, including Intel Graphics, which are used by most Mac devices. Unlike their colleagues, BSL Shaders should therefore not leave anyone on the sidelines, especially since it remains relatively resource-efficient.
From a graphical point of view, BSL Shaders take up the basic features expected for shaders: anti-aliasing, realistic water and sky, shadow and light management… But where they stand out is by the atmosphere they infuse Minecraft. Modifying the colors of the game, it makes this world a visually relaxing place, where bright colors are soothed and contrasts reduced, all as if tempered by a filter that would have been placed in front of the player's eyes.


Minecraft 1.7.10 to 1.16.5 (recommended).
The latest version ofoptifine.
NVIDIA Geforce 750 or higher.
In the graphics settings, here is the recommended setting:

Graphics: Fancy
Render Distance: 8 or more
Smooth Lighting: Maximum
Smooth Lighting Level: 100%
Use VBOs: On
Dynamic Lights: Fast/Fancy
Sky: On
✅ How do I install BSL Shaders on Minecraft?
After installing Optifine,just drag the BSL Shaders archive into your Shaderpacksfolder. Then launch your game and go to Options, Video Settings and then Shaders. Then click on BSL Shaders to use it.

📥 With which versions of Minecraft is BSL Shaders compatible?
Most shaders work with all versions of Minecraft. However, the author advocates the use of at least 1.12.2 or better.

❌ How do I disable the blurring effect of BSL Shaders?
Go to the Shader options and then to Post Process. Choose between Reduce Bloom Strengh to decrease the blur effect or Disable Bloomto disable the blur effect.

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